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Salty Dog: Gravity Salty Dog ALUMINUM Beach Cruiser

Description:  The BEST 1 Speed Cruiser for the BEACH.... The best things about the SALTY DOG is it WILL NOT RUST! The next best things are comfort, convenience, safety and strength. Comfort The Wide Cruiser Tires and Spring cushioned saddle- now that is comfort. Convenience The coaster brake single gear hub and no shifter means nearly zero maintenance or fussing with gear changes. Safety Rear Coaster Brake provides great braking. Strength The precision welded ALUMINUM frame is strong and durable. A simple 'point and go' (get on, point, go) with the quality of the most expensive bikes on the market. The simplicity of a cruiser but can't be beat, and now YOU can have the best on the market. It's much better than what the department stores are selling! Only $209.95 with FREE SHIPPING via FED EX Ground If you live near the beach or plan on leaving this bike outside, buy this bike. It's made of non rusting ALUMINUM! Other cruisers are Steel. If you get a small paint chip, exposing the steel, your frame will rust, the paint will bubble and it'll look terrible. This ALUMINUM frame will never rust and also has ALUMINUM alloy wheels! As a bonus, you also get an ALUMINUM Kickstand!
See Order pull down for current seasonal color selection Sizes Ladies 17" fits most riders from 5'2" to 5'10" (lowered top tube, stepthrough frame) Mens 19" fits most riders from 5'7" to 6'2"


List Price: $ 399  Our Price: $ 149.00 with Free Shipping