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Cafe Express 8: Shimano Nexus 8 - Speed Internal/ Alex SUB Wheelset with Tires

Description:  Here is the wheel set that everyone's been waiting for! NEXUS Internal Hubs were born out of necessity in urban sprawls where bicycle transportation is a way of life. All the gear mechanisms, seals and robust construction have been meticulously engineered to deliver accurate and smooth shifting with each use. These wheels will create a virtually maintenance free 8 speed hybrid/ Commuter bike

SHIMANO NEXUS 8-Speed Hub Specs

Model Number: SG-8R31
Series: NEXUS
Speeds: 8
Silent Clutch: yes
Gear Change Support: yes
Shifting Power Modulator: yes
Driving Efficiency: Standard
Shifting Lever Compatibility: Comes with twist Shifter and cable
Roller Brake Compatible: yes
Hub Shell Material: aluminum
Hub Shell Finish: painted
Gear Ratio Total Difference: 3.07
Gear Ratio 1: 0.527
Gear Ratio 2: 0.644
Gear Ratio 3: 0.748
Gear Ratio 4: 0.851
Gear Ratio 5: 1.0
Gear Ratio 6: 1.223
Gear Ratio 7: 1.419
Gear Ratio 8: 1.615
Axle Length: 132mm
Over Locknut: 184mm
Spoke Holes: 36H
Sprocket Size: 20t
Chain Line: 42.7mm
Cassette Joint: CJ-8S20
Average Weight: 1750g

Wheel Specs:

Rim: Alex SUB
Rim Size: 700C X 18MM Clincher
Profile: 30mm
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Type: Double Wall
Finish (Color): Black
Braking Surface: CNC Machined Sides
Valve Hole: Presta 6.5MM
Spoke Material/Type: Stainless 14g
Spoke Count: Front: 36 Rear: 36
Lacing: Standard 3 cross front, 3 cross rear
Nipple: Brass
Front Hub: Formula Ball Bearing (Includes Quick Release)
Hub Finish: Matt Black

These wheels include 700 x 40c hybrid tires with a reflective stripe, presta valve tubes, front skewer and all necessary mounting hardware for the rear hub.

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  Our Price: $ 299.95 with Free Shipping